The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area

The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area has set up In January 2000. Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area is the collective name of the Sun Lake and the Moon Lake, named after the different colors of the two pools. Sun Moon Lake has a beautiful scenery, and “Shuangtan Qiuyue” is one of the eight scenic spots in Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake is also the residence of the Taiwanese aboriginal Thao. The people living around Tanshui called it the “Water Society Sea”. In the past, the Pingpu people claimed that the indigenous people living in the mountains were “Shalian”, while the inner mountain was the largest water basin in the Sun Moon Lake area. Therefore, the Sun The “Water Society Great Lakes”. Names Such as “Longhu”, “zhutan” and “Shuangtan”.

Xiangshang Bikeway

With a total length of 3 kilometers, the bikeway starts from Shuishe, passes Shuishe Dam and leads to Xiangshang Visitor Center. As the bike route hems around Sun Moon Lake, the open vista and the breathtaking sceneries along the way have won the bike route a spot in the Top Ten World’s Best Bike Routes, a recommendation chart sorted by CNN. Moreover, the route passes two attraction bridges, Wedlock Bridge as well as One Heart Bridge, and Lakeside Wedding Plaza. As the names suggest, these attractions are most spotlighted on the route, because they are ideal for wedding shoots.

Administration and the Mountain Visitor Center

Administration and the Mountain Visitor Center is on Taiwan Provincial Highway 21, 3 Kilometer from hotel. Hill was by the internationally renowned Japanese architect "Norihiko Dan," designed to Sun Moon Lake is surrounded by images, the overall design to blend in with the existing landscape as the central idea, sloping turf roof with direct access to a variety of arc pulled out all the space from the ground, to seek harmony with nature, the roof of two buildings from low to high configuration so that visitors can take advantage of large span roof slope or semi-open space overlooking Sun Moon Lake. Up to 34 meters in length and 8 meters in height.

Toushe Reservoir

The “smallest” reservoir in Taiwan. Few people know about it, so it is kept quiet and natural. Toushe Reservoir is at about 700 meters of elevation, between Shueishe Dam and Toushe basin. Located at the peripheral area, fewer tourists come here. It is one of the best locations to enjoy the fireflies every year. Therefore, Toushe Reservoir has always been cherished as the private attraction by the local residents of Sun Moon Lake.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village located next to Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County. An amusement park offer many rides and attractions, including the European Garden Aboriginal Village Park and variety of amusement rides imported from Europe and the United States. For the most adventurous, may we recommend Caribbean Splash, Roller Coaster, UFO Gyro Drop, Maya Adventure roller coaster, Gold Mine Adventure, perhaps, Future World. Aladdin Pavilion and Culture Square. Amusement Isle has enough to keep visitors of all age groups happy for hours on end.

Sun Moon Lake Cable car Station

The Sun Moon Lake Ropeway is a scenic gondola cable car service that connects Sun Moon Lake with the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village theme park. The cable car is 1.87km, taking about 7 minutes. The Sun Moon Lake station is just outside of the of the Ita Thao village.

Ida Thao Commercial Circle

Ida Thao is originally known as De-hua tribe, and is one of the busiest area around Sun Moon Lake. You can enjoy local snacks and cuisine at the commercial circle, buy specialty souvenirs, or you can head to Zhulu marketplace to watch the Thao aboriginal dance performances. The Annual Harvest Festival in August, the most significant festival in Thao culture, marks the beginning of Thao New Year. The New Year is celebrated for about two weeks, ending just after the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.