The Solas

天The resort is designed according to the rule of nature and merge with the Liyutan landscape. The purple color of the building looks fashion and modern.

Each guest room providing“Magnetization Micro Bubble Spa” and “Bicarbonate Hot Spring” facilities, and the hot spring water is the first bottled in TAIWAN. The outside garden of the resort is the best choice for holding the wedding ceremony.

Hot Spring Made By 921 Earthquake
Liyutan was famous by its natural landscape in Nantou County. The hot spring was found after the 921 earthquake in 1999. The hot spring excavated from 1500m underneath and certified by the government as “Hydrocarbonate Spring”. The temperature of the water in between 45 ° C to 55 °℃ and the PH value was 8.2. The local people name it “Hot Spring Made By 921 Earthquake”.
The First Bottle of Hot Spring Water In Taiwan

The hot spring water originated from the ancient period of time underneath 1500m. The source of water formed ten thousand years before. The amount of oxygen dissolved in the water was 9.48ppm and the pH value was 8.2. The average size of the water molecules was 70.52HZ.

It was also named as “The Hot Spring Water of Ten Thousand Years”and became the first drinkable hot spring water in Taiwan. It won the “iTQi” award from 2016 to 2019. It also given the “ Mode Selection Gold Award ”from Belgium in 2019. Uderstand more...